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Emergency Reading

Emergency Reading

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This reading entails up to 2 topics with a max of 6 questions pertaining to your situation.


Please note that Tarot readings do take time, so if you are not willing to wait then please do not purchase a reading from me.

The current wait time for prerecorded readings is contingent upon how many pending orders are in queue and is subject to change. My aim is to complete the readings as quickly as realistically possible, however, if I have more orders than can realistically be done in a particular time frame, your patience will be needed. The typical wait time is approximately 3-4 weeks Each reading is done in the order in which it is received.


How to Book

1. Put in your sun, moon, rising, and questions in their assigned fields.

2. Readings are received via email through a private YouTube link. (Not live/telephonic)

What You Will Need

  • Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs (Required)
  • Questions
  • Do not book under an alias. Please enter your first and last name to avoid mix-ups.

Payment Information

  • I do not accept checks in any form, e-checks included.
  • Once you book a reading, a refund will not be issued. I do not do refunds, no exceptions. Even if your circumstances change during the waiting period and/or the customer is unsatisfied with the outcome of the reading. You are paying for the service of having a reading done for you, I am not responsible for the outcome of your circumstances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to schedule a reading?

  • Name (First and last). Aliases are not allowed.
  • Sun, Moon, and Rising signs (optional)
  • Question(s)
  • Phone Number and Email Address

How does rescheduling work?

Clients are able to reschedule their reading if done at least 2 hours before the originally scheduled time.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds in any circumstances. This includes being a no-show to your reading.